Street Footie

More inStreet football was very much the children’s game and important elements from it have inspired the Give Us Back Our Game campaign in 2008.
Here are what we consider you should focus on when playing street footie.

Whether you were on your own kicking a ball against a wall or playing a game with some of your mates in the park, the numerous football experiences must allow children to have many touches of the ball. There was no running around the park three times beforehand, you just got the ball out and played. The purpose was to give street players a great first touch.

There was no coaching, children had to problem solve the various situations they encountered and learnt by playing. Often you would play against older boys so you could not rely on physical strength alone. You had to compete by superior technique and using your brain to out think opponents (insight)

Everybody played
Unlike youth football today, where adults decide who plays and who will not, in street football everybody played. If you were one of the younger ones or were not very good, you might be the last picked, but at least you got a game and had the opportunity to improve. In modern youth football often the same kids are either on the bench or left out every week, making it impossible to catch up.

Fair games
The aim of the campaign was to allow for a fair game – no 20-0 result.

Creative, attacking play
Different groups of children would make up different rules to reward creative, attacking football play. That is just what we like to see.

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