Puzzle Bubble games- score and have fun

The games are the best way to discard the tension from our busy life. Such a game called puzzle bobble does the same thing. It was developed by Seiichi Nakuki and henceforth has never looked back. There are millions of players in all nooks and corners of the world. The simple game for young and old is available atpuzzle bubble game.
Puzzle Bubble games- score and have fun
The game history

Puzzle bobble is also called ‘bust a move’ and has its origin in Taito Corporation developed by Nakuki. There are 30 round in total with the simple goal of bursting the bubbles on the screen by shooting the bubbles of the same color and adjacent to the bubbles already present of the same color. The simple use of spacebar is made to shoot the bubbles. It can also be played on portable devices like Sony play station. It has had a number of sequels and is liked by kids and adults alike.

Simple games with simple rules

The bubble games are very simple to play. No need to refer to any book of rules, some of the rules is, just there on your screen to guide you. Just a click of the mouse at the right time to play color matching games. The puzzle bobble game is very much useful for disabled people with special needs, they can easily learn the various colors, learn problem solving with the help of this game which will help in improving the motor skills. The people after a hard day’s work can come and rejoice playing puzzle bobble for hours together. The bobbles are placed randomly, and need to arrange of that the same color bobbles are placed together. There is continuous popping of bubbles from a pointer of random color bobbles, these bobbles must come in contact with the same colored bobbles at the top and hence this will help score points. The skills of the players are needed in manipulating the top old bobble. One must be successful in it, so that bobbles disappear and the player can score points.

Challenges increase at higher levels

The puzzle bobble game has many variations. The player can change the settings of these games easily. There are many players who try to best their last score hence play this nonstop game for hours together. However, this may not be liked by the players who like an adrenaline rush. There are extremely tough challenges on the higher levels of the game. This game is very much addictive. The puzzle bobble game is one of the best arcade games suitable for home computers. They also consume low memory space unlike other games. The speed is important in the game. The bubble games on puzzle bubble game are very interesting to play. They are played on the neo geo platform and are called puzzle bobble. This doesn’t make them boring unlike other arcade games. Hence, one can keep on playing this game for hours together. The player can also enjoy the unique feature of bobbles dropping on the floor at some levels which also fetches them more points.
Puzzle Bubble games- score and have fun1
The control and scoreboard

The controls include the space bar for shooting the bubbles and the arrow keys for moving the direction. One can look at the scoreboard anytime they want to where simple things like their name and email address will be asked for and the scores will be given of the number of players along with their ranks. Hence, one can find the relative position and also compete with others in the race to get the best score. The players are guided to hurry up in between the games.

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