Frogger games and its popularity

Games are a great way to de-stress yourself. It is the most helpful way to pass time. Almost every gamer has heard of Frogger games and many have even played this classic game at one point of time. In case if you have never played this game and are interested to do so then enjoy the rest of the article to know more about these games. Frogger as a game was introduced in 1981 by Sega and developed by Konami which is a Japanese game development company of its time. Initially people did not know what it was about exactly as it was something new and different from the traditional games that were produced during that time. The main concept of the game however is very simple as you have to basically move the frog across the board safely without getting him killed. Once people started to play the game they really started to enjoy it and the game quickly became popular.

The X Factor

These games take a lot of strategy and skill and this was something that was lacking in the arcade scene during its introduction phase. The gamers who played the game were expected to jump and dodge and plan a route to the other side of the level without getting killed by the obstructions. In case if you made a wrong move or you jumped the wrong way or even timed a jump incorrectly then you can easily be defeated.

From the initial release days many variations of these games have been created till date. A 3d version has also been released on a popular console gaming platform. Many individuals enjoy playing these games online and this concept was brought about when flash versions of Frogger had been introduced initially. Since then we have seen growth and development of the Internet and now you can play some of the best games available absolutely free of cost.

The Frogger game is known to be one of the most popular games of its time. It can even be compared to Pacman and Asteroids. These games could be found everywhere be it in any arcade and in most home entertainment console systems also. In today’s times we look at Frogger as a classic game but a unique one since that time. The gamers in this generation are fortunate however as they do not need to spend money anymore to play this unique game of all. One of the most enjoyable aspects of Frogger is the fact that the game is fairly simple to play or we can say this because there really is no direct story line involved in this game.

How to play it

The gamer just has to make the frog cross a busy road and he has to do it by moving the frog across the other side of the road where there is heavy traffic and cars and buses and trucks and other vehicles passing by. He should safely go across several lanes to the other side to finish the level. There are many different levels with different scenarios where in some include logs and crocodiles and water and other animals that are out to kill him. However the overall aspect of the game is still the same as he has to cross without getting hit or eaten by the objects placed in front or near him. The player who would be controlling the frog also has to get him across the board within a set time limit. In case if the time period passes by then the player will lose the game and will have to try again if there are any credits remaining. In the Frogger games you are also given the opportunity to gain bonuses which in return can reward you with a free guy. Such kind of bonuses includes catching bugs or coming to the aid of another frog and helping her cross the board as well along Frogger.